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Pleasure Crew - FAC 169 'So Good'; US press release on FACTUS 19 stationery
Pleasure Crew - FAC 169 'So Good'; US press release on FACTUS 19 stationery


Of Factory New York Limited / ikon
325 Spring Street
Room 233
New York
212 741 0329
Telex 6720748

Michael Shamberg
Anne Lehman
Alan Erasmus
Robert Gretton
Anthony Wilson

Pleasure Crew
So Good / So Bad / So Good (aware mix)

Pleasure Crew are:

Noel Taylor - Vocals, keyboards, guitar & programming
Himat 'Chester' Singh - Backing vocals, percussion
Def Blam - Drums


Noel Taylor was the former vocalist and guitarist for Adventure. Adventure's prophetic dance floor sound was destined for a wide audience, but they disbanded before the curtain went up. Noel then met Himat 'Chester' Singh, a pent percussionist. Both had a common dislike of band compromise and a common love of song and dance. TcO, Manchester's big and hot production, was brought in and the kettle was on. They came across Def Blam one night.


'So Good' has emerged like a bingo number from the bubble box. Pleasure Crew teamed up with Mike Pickering (Hacienda DJ / Quando Quango) to fill the house. 'So Good' is a disc designed for movement. It means what you like, but it's a means to move.


Pleasure Crew are one of the new generation of acts emerging as the club sound commands a wider acceptability. The combined influence of the club DJs is now threatening the supremacy of the radio DJs. This has seen a greater content of dance discs in the network charts. Pleasure Crew are intent on bringing song into dance music, adding an emotive force to the obvious motive one.


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The press release is printed on FACTUS 19 stationery. Thanks to Mike Stein for media.