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Thread: Martin Hannett, the musician

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andy durutti

[ 13th Mar 2006: 01:30 ]

andrew prinz from mahogany did the cover


[ 10th Mar 2006: 19:11 ]

Yes, it's a good, extensive collection covering a range of Martin's mythical, magical, masterly work, with great sleeve-notes by James Nice. I'm looking forward to the book about him too! Colin

Nick King

[ 10th Mar 2006: 17:19 ]

There's a new CD out on 27th March called 'Zero: A Martin Hannett Story'. So says the blurb: "An all-encompassing tribute to one of the highest-profile UK record producers of the Punk era. Includes Buzzcocks, U2, Joy Division, O.M.D., Durutti Column, Happy Mondays, Psychedelic Furs, Only Ones, Kitchens Of Distinction and more." Hmmm... Might get this! :-)


[ 17th Feb 2006: 23:09 ]

On which recording- 11 O'Clock Tick Tock-U2 subsequently built an entire career. Discuss. Colin


[ 16th Feb 2006: 17:24 ]

...and U2! Oh well, every silver lining has a cloud.


[ 16th Feb 2006: 16:55 ]

Whilst we're there, Martin's wonderful production of "All tomorrow's parties" for the Blue Orchids with Nico as 'chanteuse'....stuff he did with The Only Ones, Psychedelic Furs, The Names...... Colin


[ 16th Feb 2006: 10:05 ]

Fons, I am a great fan of your work, especially that episode where you and ritchie entered the dancathon at Als cafe...


[ 16th Feb 2006: 04:13 ]

I couldn't agree more about the brilliance of the Pauline Murray & the Invisible Girls LP; one of the great "lost" post-punk records and one that could easily have fit in nicely as a Factory release. (With one of the very BEST Saville sleeves ever [it doesn't get any better than this], and Vini Reilly on guitar as well.) Luckily, it was re-issued on CD (albeit with altered artwork), and with extra tracks. Anyone interested in, or admiring of, Hannett should immediately seek it out. Stunning in every way. P.S. Don't forget the excellent Hannett work with Magazine... P.P.S. Indeed, Penetration's version of 'Free Money' just MAY be even better than Patti Smith's.


[ 15th Feb 2006: 23:05 ]

I agree about the album that Martin did with Pauline. I've ended up working at the same College as Rob Blamire, Pauline's long term partner/collaborator. They are doing stuff as Penetration again. Pauline had/has one of those great female rock voices up there with Patti Smith for my money. Penetration's version of "Free Money" is wonderful. You can't even get the third and final JCC album, "Zip Style Method" on CD sadly, but a Martin the Musician album is a fab idea. I think James Nice is involved in a further Martin H productions album. colin


[ 15th Feb 2006: 21:39 ]

I do know about the Martin Hannett productions album on Factory... but still...


[ 15th Feb 2006: 21:38 ]

Isn't it about time LTM is going to release a 'Hannett, the musician' collection? If yes, what tracks should be on it? A bit surprising this is never collected before...


[ 15th Feb 2006: 20:25 ]

The LP Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls (1980?) produced by Martin Hannet (Saville artwork, too) is stunning. Dream Sequence and Judgment Day are two classics from that LP that are easily as good as anything from that period (IMHO). I see Pauline Murray is playing live again, too. Are there links on this site to Pauline Murray/Invisible Girls??


[ 14th Feb 2006: 22:10 ]

He was a fascinating and hugely talented man. I'm keen to dispel the 'mad Martin' stories that do the rounds and explore all the different facets of the remarkable guy. He was, for instance, extremely witty. The book is taking the form of a biographical novel rooted in truth and fact, but with a fictional edge, if that makes any sense at all! Colin


[ 14th Feb 2006: 21:29 ]

I look forward to reading your book, Colin. I've been trying to find out what I can about Martin Hannett for a while now and I can't wait to get beyond the usual 'slower, but faster' anecdotes. And thanks for the Old Grey Whistle Test tip, Moist. I'll be looking out for that one.


[ 14th Feb 2006: 16:01 ]

Martin always played bass sitting down, even live! I first met him when i was doing two tracks, as vocalist, with Durutti for the Factory Sample EP. Vinni and I worked together briefly on some 'songs' and did two gigs, just as a duo! I often wish that I had recordings of what we did; it was very ethereal, wispy, weird and wonderful and totally flew in the face of the zeitgeist. A lot of the 'tunes' later surfaced on the Return album and then others. That gorgeous wem copycat trademark sound. I personally love the stuff that Martin and Steve did with John CC- very witty, eclectic, funky, fun and totally different from the JD stuff. Also the album that they did with Pauline Murray. Colin


[ 14th Feb 2006: 12:46 ]

Check out "Beasley Street" by JCC and the Invisible Girls on the Old Grey Whistle Test to see the man playing live.


[ 13th Feb 2006: 23:04 ]

Thx Colin, that answers it. In the meantime i read on something about long lost soundtrack Martin did... Also, looking forward to your book! :)

Colin Sharp

[ 13th Feb 2006: 22:39 ]

Those are the only tracks readily available by Martin 'solo'. He was also a bass player, as evidenced on all of John Cooper-Clarke's recorded output. There are some recordings of Martin and his collaborator- the wonderful, classically trained,keyboard player Steve Hopkins, but they are not in the 'public domain'.But they composed and arranged all the backing tracks to JCC's recordings, as well as playing live, as The Invisible Girls, backing John, Nico and Pauline Murray. For more on Martin Hannett, the man, musician, magician and myth look out for my book-"Who Killed Martin Hannett"- to be published by Aurum Press in 2007. Colin Sharp


[ 13th Feb 2006: 20:27 ]

Last week i bought Factory Once's 'Return of the Durutti Column' cd. Bonus tracks 'First Aspect' and 'Second aspect' (from the flexi of FAC 14) turn out to be real 'Martin Hannett only' tracks. Did the man release more as Martin Hannett or was he just a great producer? I only heard of this track called 'The Music Room' on the original 'From Brussels with love' cassette compilation on Crepuscule. Anyone?)